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Get total assurance when purchasing Momo, Patriot and Terrafirma branded tyres.

We are pleased to offer the free-of-charge Assurance Guarantee for added peace of mind. Assurance Guarantee provides pro-rata tyre replacement in the event of any on road accidental tyre damage within 12 months from date of purchase.

This includes accidental damage across all Momo, Patriot and Terrafirma tyres, including the following:

  • Irreparable tyre punctures
  • Pothole or gutter damage
  • Breaks or cuts from foreign objects

Terms and conditions apply, so make sure you read and follow them carefully.


The Assurance Guarantee is:

  • Issued by TyreLife Solutions
  • Is valid in South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho.
  • Applies only to Momo, Patriot and Terrafirma branded tyres and will be honoured at TyreLife Solutions dealerships.
  • Is only valid if all registration details are fully completed online and supplied to TyreLife Solutions within 5 working days from the date of invoice. The purchaser will receive confirmation of registration by email within 10 working days.
  • Is not transferrable upon sale of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle's tyre pressure must be checked regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer specifications. Use of over or under inflated tyres will void the Assurance Guarantee.
  • The Assurance Guarantee is not valid if the tyre's serial or date of manufacture number is cut or buffed.
  • TyreLife Solutions is not responsible for incorrect fitting or incorrect application of tyres – in these cases the purchaser must seek recourse from the dealer where the tyre was purchased.
  • The warranty is limited to 3 years from date of manufacture.
  • This warranty does not cover tyres that become unserviceable due to:
    • Incorrect usage, vandalism, damage caused by an accident, mechanical defects and/or driver abuse.
    • Damage resulting from improper installation, wheel misalignment, or tyre/wheel assembly imbalance.
    • Damage resulting from consumer damage, such as improper tyre and vehicle maintenance or tyre misuse.
    • Damage resulting from under or over inflation.
    • Vehicles used in any commercial or racing application.
    • Ozone or weather cracking on tyres over three (3) years from date of manufacture.
    • Tread wear less than the legal limit as specified by the National Roads Act 93 of 1996.
  • The Assurance Guarantee warranty covers tyres that are deemed no longer usable due to road hazard damage. This claim is only valid if the tyre is unserviceable (i.e. unable to be repaired).
  • TyreLife Solutions reserves the right to inspect a claimed tyre to assess eligibility and reject the claim based on not meeting criteria.
  • TyreLife Solutions reserves the right to withdraw the Assurance Guarantee on future purchases.
  • TyreLife Solutions reserves the right to cancel the Assurance Guarantee without prior notice, notwithstanding existing registrations.
  • TyreLife Solutions reserves the right to remove any tyre pattern or tyre size from this programme without prior notice.
  • This protection plan applies for (1) year from the date of purchase.
  • All registered Momo, Patriot or Terrafirma branded tyres will be replaced if irreparably damaged by a tyre penetration caused by glass, rocks, metal or wood or damage caused by impact with a pothole.
  • The cover is only valid for the pro-rata replacement of a tyre that has suffered irreparable damage. No other resultant damage from the event to any persons or property including third parties are the responsibility of TyreLife  Solutions.
  • This Assurance Guarantee is void if the tyre pressure has not been adequately maintained.


  1. The purchaser must submit an evaluation at a TyreLife Solutions Dealer.
  2. The dealer will inspect the tyre for the cause of the damage and consider whether the damage is irreparable.
  3. If the tyre damage is irreparable the dealer will measure the remaining tread, and submit an email to TyreLife Solutions with photographic support and or evidence for approval.
  4. The damaged tyre must be replaced with a new equivalent Momo, Patriot or Terrafirma tyre.
  5. The compensation that the purchaser receives is calculated by measuring the remaining tread that cannot now be used.
  6. The cost of fitting, balancing, alignment and VAT on the replacement tyre/s is for the purchasers account.
  7. TyreLife Solutions shall advise the dealer within 7 days of receipt of the claim submission of the acceptance or rejection of the claim.
  8. Dealerships that have submitted Evaluations and have received feedback on the Evaluation have 7 working days to provide TyreLife Solutions with feedback regarding the concession details to finalise the Evaluation. Failure to do so will result in the concession being forfeited.