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WheelLife is issued by TyreLife Solutions the official Southern African distributor of Dick Cepek, Dirty Life, Dynamic Steel, Ion, Mickey Thompson, Momo and Pro Comp wheels.


  1. Is only valid in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland.
  2. Applies only to TyreLife Solutions wheel ranges Dick Cepek, Dirty Life, Dynamic Steel, Ion, Mickey Thompson, Momo and Pro Comp wheels.
  3. Only valid if all registration details are fully completed online and supplied to TyreLife Solutions on the website within 5 working days from the date of invoice. The purchaser will receive confirmation of registration by email or SMS within 5 working days. Note: The registration process requires the uploading of proof of purchase i.e. invoice.
  4. The Warranty is only valid for the original retail purchaser of a wheel and is not transferrable with the vehicle sale.
  5. There is no other warranty, or liability, expressed or implied, applicable to these products. No representative has the authority to make any further representation, promise or agreement.
  6. The Supplier has no knowledge of the type of vehicle upon which these products are fitted. If these products are to be used on public roads, it is the Purchaser's responsibility to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  7. TyreLife Solutions is not responsible for incorrect fitting or incorrect application of wheels - in these cases the purchaser must seek recourse from the dealer where the wheel was purchased.
  8. TyreLife Solutions reserves the right to withdraw the WheelLife Warranty on future purchases.
  9. TyreLife Solutions reserves the right to cancel the WheelLife Warranty without prior notice, notwithstanding existing registrations.
  10. TyreLife Solutions reserves the right to remove any wheel brand, pattern or size from this programme without prior notice.



WheelLife warrants to the original retail purchaser that wheels will be free from structural defects under normal and intended use for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product, for 60 months, from the original date of purchase.   WheelLife warrants that its wheels will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and intended use.


The WheelLife finish warranty applies to all painted and clear coat finishes, for 12 months, from the original date of purchase. Note: There is no finish warranty on polished wheels.


This warranty shall not apply to:

  1. Wheels that have been damaged by abuse, misuse, accident or negligence.
  2. Wheels that have been damaged in off-road use.
  3. Damage caused by improper installation or improper application
  4. Wheels that have been used in conjunction with a spacer or adapter of any kind or wheels that have been altered, repaired or modified or used on applications other than the wheel's specified intended use.
  5. Wheels that have not been installed in accordance with the correct tyre size.
  6. Wheels that have been used with loads exceeding the maximum rated load.
  7. Wheels used for any purpose which is in excess of the ratings marked on the Wheel or used in contravention of any applicable statutory condition
  8. Wheels which have been subject to corrosion of the finish due to neglect, chemicals and/or adverse weather conditions.
  9. Appearance defects in wheels that have been mounted after purchase, been damaged during tyre mounting or balancing or have been sold as "blemished or roaded" product.
  10. Product for which the original invoice or sales receipt is not available for verification.
  11. Wheels that are damaged or suffer structural failure as a result of racing or off-road activities.
  12. Damage caused by accidents, potholes or irregular driving surfaces.
  13. Damage caused by foreign objects (i.e. wrenches, knives, tyre irons, etc) on or off-road.
  14. Dents, bends, scratches, gouges, chips, or other impact damage
  15. Purchased by the customer second hand
  16. Wheels that are damaged during tyre mounting or balancing
  17. More than 60 months old (based on date of purchase)


The original end-user who suspects that a wheel may be faulty must return to the dealer for the initial inspection.

The dealer submits an email evaluation to Tyrelife Solutions on evaluations@tyrelife.co.za.

TyreLife Solutions will advise should the product/s need to be returned for further examination. Only those goods requested by TyreLife Solutions will be accepted for further inspection.

TyreLife Solutions technical personnel shall be the sole arbiters in assessing warranty claims. No other representation will be binding on the Company.

Claims which do not qualify for Warranty after final inspection will be returned. In any event, forward and return freight shall always be at the owner's expense in all Warranty situations.

To the extent permitted by law, no warranties other than those contained above are offered by TyreLife Solutions in respect of its range of wheel products.

Acceptance of the product by the original end-user at the point of sale, is acceptance that the product has been supplied in good order and condition prior to being driven upon.


TyreLife Solutions agrees to repair, or at TyreLife Solutions option, replace without charge (excluding transport), any wheel that in TyreLife Solutions opinion is defective in material or workmanship. Wheels that are deemed defective in material or workmanship will be repaired by transporting the replacement part/s to an authorised dealer for installation.